It has come to my attention that in Mobian history, the darks and lights used to exist as a powerful race that has become very ancient that took residence on Mobius long ago. The only thing that could kill a Dark is a Light and the only thing that could kill a light is a dark. Darks and lights can actually be very comparible to a choa. Choas evolve into heroes and dark, the proccess to how some (or maybe even all in the beginning) Lights or Darks come to be is similar to that of how a choa would except for the fact that choas become a hero (light) or a dark by aging and evolving. Some Darks and Lights came to existance by being born by, or of something powerful. Others are born by a rezurrection process from fallen Mobians who are born with amazing skills, abilities, or powers, Like Nova the hedgehog was. The Lights and Darks went extinct when a war between the two battled in fear and hate towards each other. The reason why Shattak and Grey came to existance is because the scientists of the Solaris Project used genetics of ancient deceased Darks that they were lucky to find (Finding those would be like finding a winning lottery ticket). No Lights were found so they stuck with using the Dark's genetics in hoping they could use the power and energy that naturally comes from a Dark and hoped to control it. Something went wrong with the expirent and Grey and Shattak were born.

Now onto my point, we need Nova to come back as a Light, having him coming back is something that has to happen to defeat and truly kill Shattak and Zeno. This is allowed by Parker so lets find a way to bring back Nova snd unleash the power of a Light with the power of the stars on Shattak and Zeno. Maybe even on that doll too. Grey and Nova, Dark and Light using the balance that the Lights and Darks could have and should have done before to use full power that the doll can not handle along with the 7 purest to help defeat him!