Looking over the information the Tails Doll discussed in reference to attempts made by Sega to be rid of the doll—it can be concluded that this information was posted somewhere after the release of, “…Sonic Unleashed”—of which was released on November eighteenth, 2008. Most likely somewhere in the year of 2009. Afterwards, I appeared on the scene—to hunt the doll on my own. Ironic, considering it started with one—and WILL end with one.

It has come to my attention that after Sega gained certain rights to Archie Comics involving the Sonic the Hedgehog Comic series, the Tails Doll has made numerous appearances—which started in a small section of comic no. 231. Appearances like that have me concerned that something could have gone wrong in reference to Sonic’s comic department. Thus, someone will need to check and see if Kate Penders and crew are okay. Lastly, Honey has arrived on the scene!