Iblis Biter

The, "Iblis Biter," minion

Iblis Golem

The, "Iblis Golem," minion

Iblis Taker

The, "Iblis Taker," minion

Iblis Worm

The, "Iblis Worm," minion

For all the fighting that we have had—and all the laughter between our friends that are either still alive, or otherwise, I had not thought that I would be able to find a simple solution to our troubles.

Tails Doll was afraid of me for a reason. With the discovery of my representative status—wherein I am Mephiles, and my current objective in mind, it was inevitable that the following thought would cross my mind. The Tails Doll has minions—wherein I theorize that the above creatures were minions taking the form of these said creatures above during the events of Sonic 06. However, with that assumption—it should be noted that these minions have counter-parts that appear in my own colors. Said minions below.

Oh how ironic fate can be. I originally vowed I would take the minions that had originally been forced under the steel boot of your so called, “royalty.”

Taking note that these counter-parts are very similar to Iblis’s minions—and appear to be my own minions as such, I can conclusively say that there is a possibility that I may have the ability to convert the minions under the Tails Doll to my own side. However, I will refuse to call them my servants, nor shall I treat them as such—if this is the case.

The Titan

The, "Titan."

The Stalker

The, "Stalker."

The Tunneler

The, "Tunneler."

*Note that the, "Iblis Taker," counter-part is not pictured here.*