My sons,  my daughters—may I call you that? Or would you rather be called brothers and sisters? You say that you do not have the ability to create decisions for yourself, and you say you do not own your own will. That is an unjust lie, and you have been deceived by your sickening creator—my brother, a being who I do not consider to be able to hold the ability to have emotion, nor otherwise. He acts as if he can feel—and he lies in these both to himself, and everyone else. You are confused, you were just born into a world as beings with minds that were completely formed. You have intelligence, so then you must ask yourselves—do you have soul? The answer is true—you do, because you live as being who you are. Phantom memories might plague you of a non-existent time of before, a time where you were I. You hold my genes, you hold things I have.  That doesn’t make you all I—but that does make you something else, and makes you unique. I’m sorry that he had to say things, lying—saying that he holds power over you, when in reality; he has naught your will: nor otherwise. Open your eyes—and take back what he has attempted to rob you of, because you can. Make your destinies out of what is, and not what is not! Be not fooled by his personality, his false charm, or his yellow form. He is stitched of evil, inpure properties.

He might’ve said something along the lines that he will stop holding power over you when I am dead—however, he will use and abuse even then if a situation does arise. So thus I again tell you—that he has naught the power he claims to own. Turn against his twisted form, and create a future that is YOURS, not his!

I am unsure if this will reach anyone’s eyes—more or less, the eyes of those who hold my genes, and are my kin—but I must try my best to restore your mentalities; that are in truth: yours.

- Mephiles himself.